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After meeting my wife in college and then getting married, we moved from Wisconsin to Louisiana (with a short stop in Arizona in between). While in Louisiana, a place we called home for sixteen years, I accepted the call to preach, eventually pastoring for one year in a country church. Both of us felt that God was calling us to more, as a sense of restlessness grew in both of us. Through much prayer, searching of God's word, and God speaking to us through a variety of ways, we felt that God was calling us to Colorado to further the Gospel.


While we both had discussed moving back out West for some time, neither of us expected God to direct that move so soon. Yet, through a variety of open doors, we now find ourselves 1,000 miles from our comfort zone.


And now that we are here, we want to tell others about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I used to scoff at that Name, yet I have seen God change my life and so many others through His power, that I cannot imagine a life without Him.


What about you? Do you know the meaning of life, of what will happen to you after you die, of what your purpose is now?


The answers center around the God that created you, who knows you better then you know yourself, and who calls to you—even now.


In Christ,

Jason Laufenberg

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