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Below are some of our favorite websites. Enjoy!

Excellent Bible studies are within the site or linked to other sites.



All things you may need that are Bible related, whether versions, keyword searches, topical searches, or passage searches.


Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible contains a variety of resources that are just clicks away. Need commentaries, reference books, Bibles, or easy ways to determine Greek and Hebrew word meanings, then look no further than this site.


InTouch Ministries

One of the best preachers alive today, Dr. Charles Stanley not only has the education, but also the experience and the faith with which to help lead you into a closer and deeper relationship with the Lord. You will be blessed by this ministry.


Liberty Baptist Church

Our sponsoring church in Shreveport, Louisiana, that my wife and I attended for years. Led by Pastor Kevin Arinder, a man who has the heart of a servant and truly cares for people, there are people here who love God and want to know and follow Him faithfully. Please be in prayer for them as they seek to serve the people of northwest Louisiana.



This website has a variety of resources, articles, quotes, and sermon illustrations that will help everyone from pastors to parents.


Precept Austin

The gold standard for resources needed to study the Bible. Whether commentaries, sermons, diagrams, or Greek or Hebrew helps with word studies, this website has a wealth of information that you will never exhaust.


Soteriology 101

In short, soteriology concerns the doctrine of salvation. While Calvinists have made some important contributions and we do reference some of their works (Spurgeon, see below, is a famous Calvinist), we do not support their view of salvation (TULIP). Soteriology 101 is a great website that contains podcasts and other material that uses Biblical exegesis to show the errors in Calvinism and to explain how the Bible supports the traditionalist view of salvation. (That is, God desires the salvation of every person; Christ died for everyone; and all of mankind has freewill to either accept or reject Christ.)


The Spurgeon Center

Not only does the site contain Spurgeon’s writings, but also an innumerable amount of his sermons. And while some of his illustrations have become a bit dated, his ideas, language, and illumination of scripture leave little doubt as to why he is called the Prince of Preachers.


Utah Lighthouse Ministry

Founded by Jerald and Sandra Tanner, this site contains an extensive amount of information about the Mormon church, which Mrs. Tanner and her late husband were once part of. Whether you are looking for books, something on a particular topic, or answers to frequently asked questions, this site will explain doctrines and beliefs that differentiate Mormonism from biblical Christianity.



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